Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Feria de Nerja - Nerja's biggest annual festival in October!

October the 8th 2022 sees the start of the Feria de Nerja - an annual festival which runs until the 12th October and provides heaps of entertainment for all! After the difficulties of the past few years, this year promises to be extra special as we can celebrate Feria in all its glory! Make the most of your holiday in Nerja and join the locals for the festivities!  5 days of eating, drinking, dancing and general enjoyment!

Based around the religious festivals honouring the Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel, the festival includes traditional flamenco dance and music, folklore performances, sporting and cultural events, music concerts, beauty pageants, carnaval style floats, processions, fireworks and a funfair!

The Nerja Feria always includes October 10th, the Fiesta del Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel which is a holiday in Nerja and October 12th, the Fiesta del Virgen del Pilar, the patron saint of the Guardia Civil which is a bank holiday across Spain.

The funfair occupies the central part of the feria ground (Parking Carabeo) which is surrounded by large tented areas known as "casetas", where various different organisations stage all sorts of activities, including the election of the "Reina y Caballero" (Festival King and Queen). Each "caseta" has its own bar and offers food - and at night, these come alive with music and dancing until the early hours! Get your Flamenco dress on and enjoy the atmosphere!

The "Tutti-Frutti" area will also come alive every day of the Feria from 13:00 to 22:00 with live music. 

Most events are free - although some of the music concerts have a small entrance fee.

Chek the full programme at the Nerja Tourist Office - but the key dates and activities are as follows;

Saturday 8th October 2022

- Balcón de Europa - Official opening of the Feria 2022 with live musical concert, fireworks and switching on of the Feria lights

22:30 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Election of the "Reina" 2022 (Festival Queen) with drag acts and live music

Sunday 9th October 2022

- Throughout the streets of Nerja - Live music - Diana Floreada and the Brasstown Band

12:00 - Balcón de Europa - Election of the junior "Reina y Caballero" 2022 (Junior Festival King and Queen) with a theatrical performance "Ailalá"

16:00 onwards - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA EL CORTIJO - Live music from Plácido Vera and Miguel Gonzaléz, Election of the senior "Reina y Caballero" 2022 (Senior Festival King and Queen), Election of "Flamenca" best dressed

16:00 onwards - Plaza Tutti-Frutti - Live music: Luitingo

17:00 - Balcón de Europa - Dance show performed by the Daniel Romero Dance School and Flamenco performance

19:00 - Throughout the streets of Nerja - Vaso Largo Band

23:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Live music and performance from LOS SECRETOS 

Monday 10th October 2022 (Local holiday)

12:30 - Balcón de Europa - Flamenco dance and music show by the Belén Herredia Dance School

13:00 - Streets of Nerja - Procession of carnival floats - from the Verano Azul park through the streets of Nerja ending at the Feria ground (Carabello). Passes by C/ Antonio Ferrándiz Chanquete, C/ Jáen, C/ Diputación, C/ Plaza Cavana, C/ Carmen, Balcón de Europa, C/ Puerta del Mar, C/ Pintada, C/ Alejandro Bueno, C/ Herrera Oria, C/ Ruperto Andúez, C/ Frigiliana.

16:00 onwards - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA EL CORTIJO - Live music from the Fandagos Cortijeros del Río de la Miel, Cynthia Martín, Fernando del Paso and Alalba

16:00 onwards - Plaza Tutti-Frutti - Live music: Séfora

17:00 - Balcón de Europa - "Peña Nerjeña" choir, Alboreá Flamenco group directed by Juan Torcuato

20:00 - Iglesia de El Salvador, Balcón de Europa - Mass in honour of the Patron Saints

20:30 - Streets of Nerja - Procession of the Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel saints from the Iglesia de El Salvador on the Balcón de Europa to the Ermita where there will be a traditional firework display.

23:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Live music: Chema Rivas, DJ Manuel Moreno Casanova

Tuesday 11th October 2022

11:00 - Throughout the streets of Nerja - Live music - Diana Floreada and the Brasstown Band

- Balcón de Europa - Abanico de Ilusiones choir

14:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Lunch for senior citizens with performance by Laura Gallego

16:00 onwards - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA EL CORTIJO - Live music: Francisco Gumersindo, Sevillanas competition, Elisa Ariza, Alalba

16:00 onwards - Plaza Tutti-Frutti - Live music: Proyecto Mandarina

17:00 - Balcón de Europa - Performance - Costillita y Amapola, Christian David Callejón dance group

18:00 - Throughout the streets of Nerja - Vaso Largo Band

23:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Live music: "El Selu", El Musical followed by DJ Elías and DJ Manuel Moreno Casanova

Wednesday 12th October 2022 (National Holiday)

- Iglesia del Salvador - Service for the Virgen de Pilar, the Patron Saint of the Guardia Civil

12:00 - Throughout the streets of Nerja - Live music - Diana Floreada and the Brasstown Band

13:00 - Balcón de Europa - Children's party with Susana Rico

16:00 onwards - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA EL CORTIJO - Live music: Macarena Zapata, Manuel Rodríguez "Sevillita", Alalba

16:00 onwards - Plaza Tutti-Frutti - Live music: Miguel Moreno

17:00 - Balcón de Europa - Angela Muñoz Dance School and Flamenco group

19:00 - Throughout the streets of Nerja - Vaso Largo Band

22:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo), CASETA MUNICIPAL - Live music: ORQUESTA TENTACIÓN

00:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo) - Firework display

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Semana Santa - Nerja springs back to life!

After the last few years it was so amazing to see the full Easter celebrations in Nerja last week! Processions celebrated "Miércoles Santo" or Saint's Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Friday and Easter Sunday.

If you have never been to Nerja at Easter then you must book now for next year! The processions which are religious in nature, are an amazing sight to behold as the saints are carried through the streets accompanied by wind band music and most traditional smells. 

Easter in Nerja starts with Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday where a parade shows the arrival of Christ into Jerusalem. Children are carrying palms and olives around the centre of the town finishing at El Salvador Church.

On Holy Wednesday we enjoy the procession of theh brotherhood "Cofradia Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo and Virgen de los Desamparados" which started 25 years ago as a children's procession - a group of children carried a Virgin which was actually a Barbie doll dressed up along Calle Nueva. 

What started as a game between a group of kids has now turned into a very important celebration were you will see many children and grown ups involved.

People dressed as Nazarenos in purple and white accompany a float bearing the image of Jesús Nazareno carrying the cross followed by the float of Mary Virgen de La Esperanza.
Behind the floats and especially on Good Friday you will find many women dressed in black praying. Many of these carry a candle or a rosary.

The main route of these processions take place along the streets: C/ Puerta del Mar, C/ Pintada, Plaza Cantarero, C/ Méndez Nuñez, C/ Bronce, C/ Cruz, C/ Ánimas, C/ Granada, Plaza Cavana, C/ Carmen y Balcón de Europa.

Holy Thursday is the day in Nerja for the procession organised by the brotherhood "Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno y María Santísima de los Dolores" which was founded in 1793 and has been a big tradition for Nerja for over two centuries now.

The same brotherhood is in charge of organising the procession of Holy Friday - El Santo entierro or in english the holy burial - the first thing you will see on this procession is the body of Jesus lying in state followed by the float of the virgin Maria Santísima de los Dolores. 

Holy Easter in Nerja culminates on Holy Sunday with the procession during the day which celebrates the resurrection - where balconies are decorated with white drapes hanging and streets are covered in fresh rosemary and other herbs delighting all the senses.

With temperatures reaching 25 degrees on Sunday, this Easter saw Nerja's bars, restaurants and beaches buzzing - everything is finally feeling back to normal!


Monday, 11 January 2021

Travelling to Nerja - everything Covid and Brexit related

UPDATED 27/10/2022

At Nerja Paradise Rentals we understand the concerns around travelling after the Covid pandemic and Brexit and as such want to provide as much information as possible to provide answers and reassure our clients wherever possible.


You should check with the Spanish Embassy in your country of residence for current travel advice and restrictions for entry into Spain. Spain has adopted the EU Traffic Light approach to guide EU travellers who wish to travel to the country - check out https://reopen.europa.eu/en for more information. The UK is no longer part of the EU and so UK residents have different requirements - see the Spanish Embassy in London's website.

Follow current COVID-19 rules where you live: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

All foreign nationals arriving in Spain must have proof of vaccination or proof of recovery (see https://www.spth.gob.es/info-pcr). 


Non EU and non-UK tourists will need to apply for a Schengen Visa https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/ - the process for application depends on your nationality. 

If you’re a tourist travelling from the UK, you do not need a visa for short trips to Spain. You’ll be able to stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

EU tourists have no restrictions on the length of stay in Spain, but must register with the National Police for stays of more than three months.

Non EU and UK tourists wishing to stay for longer than 90 days may apply for a visa to stay in Spain - depending on their specific circumstances. There are different visas for retiring to Spain, for non-lucrative residence, studying in Spain and working and living in Spain. You will need to check with the Spanish Embassy in your country of residence for the visas available and application process.

UK residents should check the Spanish Consulate website http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Consulados/LONDRES/en/Consulado/Pages/Visas.aspx.


UPDATED 27/10/2022
  • Masks are no longer obligatory in public places - apart from in hospitals and medical facilities, or on public transport. Some places may still ask you to wear a mask - we would recommend following what the locals do!
We will keep this updated - so please bookmark this page for easy reference.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

The Pico del Almendron - one of Nerja's many impressive walking trails

Nerja is a beautiful tourist town well known for its beaches and the natural setting of the Maro cliffs, perfect for multiple water sports. However, it also offers a beautiful natural park (known as the Sierra) where you can go hiking, running or cycling during your holiday in Nerja.

Among the many hiking routes that the Sierra Almijara has to offer is the Pico del Almendron loop, a 10.3 km moderately trafficked loop trail rising to a height of 1,510 meters above sea level, accessed from the recreational area of Los Pinarillos behind Maro and which takes between 3 or 4 hours to climb. 

The ascent has a steep climb from the esparto fountain of about 1,000 meters. The peak is above 600-meter cliffs and offers spectacular views of the entire Sierra Almijara and Sierra Tejeda, and on clear days the African continent. 

It is recommended to go with a GPS and study the area beforehand - or go with a local guide or someone who knows the area well since it has a certain level of difficulty. Reaching the peak is not suitable for all people due to the cliffs and narrow ridges.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Cantarriján Beach - A natural and naturist haven!

At just 9 kilometres as the crow flies from Nerja - Cantarriján Beach is set in the National Park of Cerro Gordo in a natural bay surrounded by steep slopes seemingly far from civilisation. The beach is nudist - but clothing is optional and it is well worth a visit during your stay in Nerja! Everybody is welcome!

The beach is 14km in the car along the N340 coastal road in the direction of Almeria. During the summer months, you need to park in the car park directly on the N340 road and take the minibus down to the beach (2 euros per person). From September through to June you can drive all the way down and park directly behind the beach.

There are two lovely chiringuitos directly on the beach where you really can relax and chill out - La Barraca and Bola Marina. Both serve great food, drinks and also offer sunbeds with beach drinks service! 


This spectacular beach is nestled between Cañuelo Beach to the east and La Herradura to the West - we would well recommend a day trip along the coast to experience these natural delights! 

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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Ruta del Arte Frigiliana - the fourth edition

The fourth edition of the Frigiliana Art Route 2020 took place last weekend 2-4th of October 2020. For those of you who have never heard of this event, this is a collective exhibition of different artists who show their works; painting, photography or even sculptures in different houses and places in Frigiliana.

The event was organized by Maribel Martín and Brendon Taylor (AMARTE studio-gallery) in collaboration with the Frigiliana Town Hall.

If you are interested in art this is a great opportunity to come next year and enjoy the lovely village of Frigiliana, combined with a stay in Nerja as Frigiliana is only 6 kilometres away from Nerja and just over fifty kilometres from Málaga. 

Frigiliana was voted as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and has also received numerous awards ad the most beautiful towns in Andalusia. It’s known as a “pueblo blanco” because of the whitewashed houses and in typical Andalucían style it’s full of charm and interesting streets to explore. 

For more information on Frigiliana, particularly in this amazing event which takes place at the end of August: Las tres culturas event visit our blog post 

Friday, 2 October 2020

Autumn in Nerja - ideas of things to do

Nerja comes to it's own in Autumn - with the amazing Autumn light bringing the sea and mountains to life - and it is a great time of year to visit! With average temperatures staying around 21 degrees - Autumn is the perfect time to make the most of our beautiful town and surrounding area without all of the crowds!

Whilst this year will mean that we don't see our usual Autumn festivals (such as the amazing Feria de Nerja in October), there are still plenty of things to do! Here is just a few our our favourite recommendations;

Hit the Beach!

Spending the day on the beach is so amazing in the Autumn! The summer crowds have gone - along with the crazy summer heat... so apply the sun-lotion and make the most of Nerja's wonderful beaches! Whether you stay in town and walk down to Burriana, Carabeo, Calahonda, El Salón, Torrecilla, Chucho or Playazo or decide to jump in the car and head either east towards the wonderful Herradura bay or west towards Malaga - the choice is just incredible! 

Chill in Nerja

As a year-round resort, Nerja's many shops, bars and restaurants stay open throughout the Autumn. Have breakfast whilst watching the spectacular Autumn sunrise from one of the cafés around the Balcón de Europa, lunch in the Chiringuitos down on Burriana Beach, wander back to the centre of Nerja and do a little shopping before having a few tapas in your favourite bar - the pace is slower and it is easier to get a table than in the height of summer! 

Visit Frigiliana

The neighbouring hillside town of Frigiliana makes a delightful excursion in the Autumn! Either drive up - it is easier to park at this time of year - or take the regular Nerja - Frigiliana bus service from the bus station - and enjoy the boutique shops and numerous restaurants and bars of the lovely town.

Take to the water

Hire a kayak or paddle board from Burriana Beach and paddle along the spectacular coast to Maro - or speak with us here in the Nerja Paradise Rentals office and either hire your own boat for the day or join an organised trip to explore the Nerja coastline! There are many beautiful bays, waterfalls and coves to explore - and if you are lucky, you may get to see the dolphins!

Go underground

Nerja's famous caves - the Cuevas de Nerja - offer a great option for a day trip. You will be amazed by the cathedral like underground space with it's many natural formations - truly spectacular! A great day out for all the family.

Follow the miles of forest trails

The natural park behind Nerja provides hundreds of kilometres of marked trails for hikers and mountain bikers of all levels. The cooler autumn days offer the perfect opportunity to climb through the surrounding woodland to the higher peaks which offer incredible views back down to Nerja and the coast. 

Explore Andalucia

Andalucia's cities can be simply too hot to enjoy in the Summer months - but Autumn provides the perfect climate to explore! 

Málaga City is an easy 40 minute drive from Nerja and with the highest density of museums of any city in Spain provides plenty of options! 

Granada - with its famous UNESCO World Heritage Site the Alhambra - is about an hour's drive through stunning scenery. You may even see the beginning of the snow capped mountains in the Sierra Nevada mountain range! 

Córdoba's rich history is within easy reach just 2 hours drive from Nerja - make sure you visit the unbelievable Mezquita -  the World’s third largest mosque & UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And of course - no visit to Andalucia would be complete without a trip to it's capital city, Sevilla! It is also within easy reach for a short trip at only 3 hours drive from Nerja. Major landmarks include the ornate Alcázar castle complex, built during the Moorish Almohad dynasty, and the 18th-century Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring. The Gothic Seville Cathedral is the site of Christopher Columbus’s tomb and a minaret turned bell tower, the Giralda.

Feria de Nerja - Nerja's biggest annual festival in October!

October the 8th 2022 sees the start of the Feria de Nerja - an annual festival which runs until the 12th October and provides heaps of enter...