Thursday, 3 October 2019

Feria de Nerja - Nerja's biggest annual festival in October!

October the 9th 2019 sees the start of the Feria de Nerja - an annual festival which runs until the 13th October and provides heaps of entertainment for all! Make the most of your holiday in Nerja and join the locals for the festivities!  5 days of eating, drinking, dancing and general enjoyment!

Based around the religious festivals honouring the Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel, the festival includes traditional flamenco dance and music, folklore performances, sporting and cultural events, music concerts, beauty pageants, carnaval style floats, processions, fireworks and a funfair!

The Nerja Feria always includes October 10th, the Fiesta del Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel which is a holiday in Nerja and October 12th, the Fiesta del Virgen del Pilar, the patron saint of the Guardia Civil which is a bank holiday across Spain.

The funfair occupies the central part of the feria ground (Parking Carabeo) which is surrounded by large tented areas known as "casetas", where various different organisations stage all sorts of activities, including the election of the "Reina & Caballero" (Festival King and Queen). Each "caseta" has its own bar and offers food - and at night, these come alive with music and dancing until the early hours! Get your Flamenco dress on and enjoy the atmosphere!

Most events are free - although some of the music concerts have a small entrance fee.

During the daytime, from 12:00 to 20:30 each day, Plaza Tutti Frutti and calle Antonio Millón have now become the principal areas for music and entertainment.

Pick up a programme from the Nerja Tourist Office - but the key dates and activities are as follows;

Wednesday 9th October

20:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo) - Official opening of the Feria Gate with live musical concert 

22:00 - Plaza España - Election of the "Reina & Caballero" 2019 (Festival King and Queen)

Thursday 10th October

12:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo) - Election of the child "Reina & Caballero" 2019 (Festival King and Queen)

20:00 - Streets of Nerja - Procession of the Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel saints from the Iglesia de El Salvador on the Balcón de Europa to the Ermita where there will be a traditional firework display.

23:30 - Plaza España - Concert: Lola Indigo (15 €)

Friday 11th October

13:00 - Plaza España - Election of senior "Reina & Caballero" 2019 (Festival King and Queen)

23:30 - Plaza España - Concert: José Manuel Soto(15 €)

Saturday 12th October

12:00 - Iglesia del Salvador - Service for the Virgen de Pilar, the Patron Saint of the Guardia Civil

13:00 - Streets of Nerja - Procession of carnival floats and horse parade - from the Verano Azul park through the streets of Nerja ending at the Feria ground (Carabello). Passes by C/ Antonio Ferrándiz Chanquete, C/ Jáen, C/ Diputación, C/ Plaza Cavana, C/ Carmen, Balcón de Europa, C/ Puerta del Mar, C/ Pintada, C/ Alejandro Bueno, C/ Herrera Oria, C/ Ruperto Andúez, C/ Torrox, C/ Rodríguez Acosta.

16:00- Feria ground (Carabeo) - Flamenco music and dance shows

17:00 - Plaza Tutti Frutti - DJs and entertainment

23:30 - Plaza España - Concert: Café Quijano (15 €)

Sunday 13th October

13:00 - Plaza España - Dog show 2019

16:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo) - Flamenco music and dance shows

17:00 - Plaza Tutti Frutti - DJs and entertainment

00:00 - Feria ground (Carabeo) - Firework display

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